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Natural Organic, Vegetarian & Vegan Food

Welcome to Think Food First, home of fantastic organic, vegetarian, vegan, raw foods and superfoods! Whether you’re a devout clean eater or new to the world of these delicious health foods, we have a wide selection of products full to the brim with goodness and tastiness. We’re strong believers of ‘You are what you eat’ so we make sure that our fantastic health foods are accessible to everyone who wants to help their health. Continue on that journey right here, right now.

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Why should you choose Think Food First? Because we know that organic shoppers are special. You enjoy your food more than most. And making food from scratch with healthy ingredients means something to you.

  • Think Food First proudly gives back by donating 2 percent of all profit to the charity Kiva, a non-profit organization that creates opportunities around the world to alleviate poverty.
  • That’s why we carry organic alternatives to all items of your weekly shop. Thinkfoodfirst provides you with the most natural form of food available the way it was intended.
  • We know that keeping your family is important to you. That’s why we keep our prices low so that you can provide your family with everything they need without having to sacrifice.
  • Think Food First has everything you need in one easy stop. Our easy to navigate website allows for an enjoyable shopping experience without waiting in lines at your weekly stop.
  • Finally, we assure fast delivery so you can enjoy your goods as soon as possible. Your orders are always shipped same day. Free delivery is offered on orders of £35 or more.

Specialist Diets

Whether you have special dietary needs or simply need a little help, we’re here for you. Think Food First will cater for specialist dietary requirements or illnesses. Just contact us and tell us your needs!

We also take pride in providing tasty food options that are friendly to animal welfare. Think Food First is partnered with organic trade board so you never have to worry about the quality of your products.

Taking the Hassle out of Your Shopping Experience

Our website is built around our consumers needs to make the shopping experience as simple and quick as possible. Our experienced staff is attentive to your specialty needs. We provide excellent customer service and are happy to track down any product needed.

Our staff is ready to give you expert advice about organic foods, alternative medicines, and lifestyle habits whenever you need a bit of guidance. We believe in keeping our customers well informed so that they can make a proper decision about their health.

Think Food First knows that you trust certain brands. We carry the most reliable brands with the best taste for your one-stop shopping needs. Our prices are aimed toward providing you with the organic shopping experience you’ve been looking for.

We Want Your Feedback!

Think Food First wants to know what you want more of. We listen closely to our customer’s needs and keep our shelves stocked full of more of the items you need. If you can’t find something you need, contact us and let us find it for you!