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Ellas Kitchen Smoothie Fruits - Yellow On 90g

Ella's kitchen Smoothie Fruits - Yellow On 90g: Babies love our unusual mixes of 100% organic fruits and vegetables with absolutely nothing else added, not even water, to dilute its goodness. They're in handy, light, resealable pouches, perfect for stage 1 weaning or as a snack for older babies, and ideal for busy mums on the go. NO added sugar, salt or water, NO additives or thickeners, NO E numbers or GM, NO gluten, wheat, dairy or lactose, NO lumps or bits and nothing artificial, JUST yummy organic food for babies. Contains naturally occurring sugars. Ingredients: Organic bananas 45% Organic apples 33% Organic mangoes 15% Organic apricots 7% Organic lemon juice concentrate (a dash) Other stuff 0%.

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