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Holle Org Growing Up Milk 3 600g

Holle Org Growing Up Milk 3 600g: At 12 months, your tiny baby has become a lively, inquisitive toddler. They're growing up quickly, they're learning about the world and they're very active! To support them in this important phase of their development, they need the best possible nutrition. As a parent concerned about food origin and healthy eating, you naturally want to give your toddler only the best. And Holle Organic Formula 3 Growing-up Milk is quite simply the healthiest, most natural formula growing-up milk you can buy - organic, free from additives and full of goodness. Holle Organic Formula 3 Baby Milk has got everything your toddler needs for strong growth and an active, healthy lifestyle. Holle Organic Infant Milk is produced from 99% organic ingredients plus vitamins and minerals (which are required by law). Holle only sources from local farms, so all the milk used comes from a trusted, known origin. Each farm raises its cows in a natural, caring environment where they are free to graze in organic fields cultivated according to modern biodynamic principles - in tune with nature and completely without chemicals. Because Holle Organic Growing-up Milk is made with such high-quality milk, its nutritional value is unbeatable. Holle Growing Up Milk is 100% free from gluten, wheat, soya and has no added sugar, fish oil and GM ingredients. For your baby's healthy development, none of the Holle baby milks have added fluoride. It's easy for your baby to digest - and it tastes great too! Holle Formula 3 Growing-up Milk can be used from eight months to three years, following Holle Formula 1, Holle Formula 2 or any other baby formula milk. Ingredients: Skimmed milk, skimmed milk powder*, vegetable oils (palm oil, rape oil, sunflower oil), maltodextrin*, sweet whey powder (partly demineralised)*, starch*, fructose, calcium phosphate 360mg/100g, calcium chloride 240mg/100g, Vitamin C, iron citrate 40mg/100g, zink sulphate 6mg/100g, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, potassium iodide, Vitamin D.

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