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Pearls of Samarkand Org Cherries 100g

Pearls of Samarkand-Org Cherries (100g)The wild cherry (prunus avium), also called sweet cherry, is a species of plant from the genus prunus in the rosaceae family. ItÕs not for nothing that the cherry is often used in the vernacular as a symbol for the red, sensual lips of a woman. In Japan the cherry blossom is the symbol for the brief beauty and rapid transience of things. The history of the cherry goes back a long time. Stone Age people allegedly collected the fruits. Greeks and Romans too were great fans of the small cherry. It owes much to the Romans in particular for its propagation in Europe and in the end, the rest of the world. The Pearls of Samarkand cherries originate from wild collections in the unspoiled forests of the highland plateaus around Samarkand. The cherry mix consists of the 3 types: sweet, golden and sour cherry. Ideal for casseroles, mueslis or as a treat between meals.

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