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Superfruit Raw Cacao Nibs - EU Organic 200g

Superfruit’s RAW Cacao Nibs come from a cooperative in Peru that works to preserve the primary variety of cacao - Criollo! RAW and lightly toasted below 45°C, they have a wonderful aroma with hints of tropical fruits in the background! The beans are prepared by fermenting, drying and lightly roasting. After that the beans are crushed into nibs and they can be used for everything from salad, fruit and nut mixes, baking and more! Originally cocoa from South America and was considered by the Aztecs to be food of the gods. The Latin name for the cacao plant come from Carl von Linnaeus, "Theobroma Cacao" and means "food of the gods’ cocoa" in Latin. Our Cacao Nibs are rich in energy and contain fat, iron and magnesium. They are certified organic according to EU regulations.

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